The Pigeons – May 20, 2008

By | May 20, 2008

Day 10 of the Pigeon Chronicles…

It rained last night. The temperature in Hyderabad dropped significantly and the air is nice and moist. Not humid like in the costal cities but just right. The sky was overcast this morning and the usual summer glare was missing. The trees looked clean after their shower and the cars parked outside wore a coating of fallen leaves and twigs. From our bedroom window Srinagar Colony wore a softer look than it had this past month.

View from our bedroom window. Click for full size image.

The pigeons were miserable. Momma had both chicks covered. All I could see was one chick’s bum.

Click for full size image

I saw them again after I finished breakfast and was ready to leave for work. Mamli followed me into the balcony. The sun had come out by then and one of the chicks was feeling warm enough to leave Momma and stick it’s nose out.

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