Hyderabad’s New Transport Information System

By | May 24, 2008

HTIS or the Hyderabad Transport Information System offers web and mobile based information about traffic conditions on the city roads. I came across it recently and have been using it quite often. Also accessed it with my mobile phone to good effect.

The HTIS Home page provides a set of links to the various services:

The HTIS home page. (Click for full size image)

The Live Traffic Report Map page is very good. It shows traffic hot spots and is programmed to auto-refresh.

The live traffic map (Click for full size image)

The second feature I found interesting is the Directions feature. Put in a start and end point and you get a map with an overlay of the route to take. Way points are called out on the left panel, with distances and an approximate auto fare. This will be very useful for people new to Hyderabad. You will be able to get a good idea of the route you should be taking, making it difficult for the auto-wallas to fleece you.

HTIS Directions page (Click for full size image)