Hyderabad Transport Information System – Carpooling

By | May 25, 2008

The HTIS web site has a Carpool section that attempts to bring together people wanting to carpool. You can add yourself to the database, giving details of start and end points, timings and vehicle type etc.

The HTIS Carpool main page (Click for full size image)

The Find Pool Mates link takes you to the search page. Here you can browse the list of registered carpoolers or enter your start and end points to locate poolers in the area. I was surprised to find that major localities like Srinagar Colony are missing from the list of places. I used Kamalapuri Colony which is adjacent to Srinagar Colony as my start point.

HTIS Carpool search page (Click for full size image)

The search is smart enough to locate poolers in adjacent areas within a 2 Km radius.

Carpool search results (Click for full size image)

The search results page lists all carpoolers found in your vicinity and allows you to see each person’s preferences.

Carpooler preferences (Click for full size image)

The preferences page has the option to send a short message to the person.

The maps on the car pool search pages were not showing up. They would help understand where each person lives.

Overall a nice little service. Too few people are on to this at this time. It will become useful as more people register and actually contact each other and start carpooling.