What’s Up With Sandip Sabharwal?

By | March 2, 2009

Sandip Sabhawarl, a IIT Delhi graduate, won kudos with his management of SBI’s Mutual Funds, particularly the Magnum Contra and similar funds. Then came the Ketan Parekh and Padmini Technologies stock purchase from Triumph International. Sandip left SBI under a cloud and joined JM Financial Asset Management. The Mutual Fund industry and press reacted with caution. The CBI Charge Sheet against Sandip loomed heavy. Yet there was expectation that he would work the same magic for JM that he did at SBI.

Now I read that Sandip has left JM (Feb 27, 2009). Where will fortune take him now? Is he a good guy caught up in the vortex or is he a bad-one?

I intend to follow this man’s career or what ever is left of it. Let’s see what life throws at him and how he bats in response.

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  1. annoymous

    you are cynical. bullshit to your blog where you give write bitchy things about everyone. you have not a single word to say for everyone. you think you have authority to speak about everyone you yourself must be perfect. if you find fault with everyone.

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