The Lord Is Here – Shree Shree Jagannath Temple In Hyderabad

By | March 9, 2009

The Lord of the Universe, Shree Shree Jagannath, has finally come to Hyderabad. Yesterday, March 8, 2009, the Lord’s temple was consecrated and the idols of the Lord with his brother, Shree Shree Balavadra, and his sister, Ma Subadra, were installed by Pandas from the Lord’s temple at Puri.

The Lord is finally here! The Neelachakra is here!

The Hyderabad Kalinga Cultural Trust has worked for more than a decade to obtain the land, build the temple and bring the Lord to Hyderabad. Office bearers like Pradeep Kumar and many others have worked tirelessly over the years to give birth to this dream of the Odiyas living in Hyderabad. Many praise to them.

The temple built for the Lord is a replica of the original temple at Puri, alibit a much smaller one.

I am posting some photographs taken yesterday during the Sthapana Puja and later during the evening cultural program. These were taken with a Sony Ericsson P1i mobile phone and are of average quality but they do show the Lord in all his glory.

Shree Shree Jagannath, Shree Shree Balavadra & Ma Subadra during Prran Sthapana Puja:

The Lord’s Temple:

Cultural Program by Shilpi’s from Odissa (Odissi Dance depicting Radha & Krushna):

20 thoughts on “The Lord Is Here – Shree Shree Jagannath Temple In Hyderabad

  1. krishna murthy

    today i visited the temple. this temple is more beautiful than poori temple. and it si more peceful and fine. i can say that this temple is a master piece. i have no words to express its greatness. i convey my sincere namaskarams to all those devotees who have contributed in bringing up such a great temple in hyderabad.
    i have a small suggestion too. please try to utilise the services of voluntary citizens who will help in keeping the premises as clean as the golden temple, amritsar. we Indians are poor in cleanliness. so please take care of this aspect sirs.

  2. gautam

    #Krishna Murthy Garu

    Thank you for your kind words. I am happy that you visited the temple and enjoyed it. I hope you had a good Darshan of the Lord.

    Your suggestions regarding the cleanliness of the temple premises are apt. I will forward the same to the office bearers of the Kalinga Cultural trust that runs the temple.

    Thank you once again. I hope you and your family will visit the temple often.

  3. Anu

    Thanks Gautham, for telling me about this temple and i will surely visit this temple very soon and will keep you posted after the visit…..

  4. Bhavani

    today i visited Jagannath temple.It is eye catching and once i entered into the premises,i had a feeeling of puri temple.It is well maintained and a gift to the people og Hyderabad.My humble thanks to Kalinga trust.Must see tourist spot in hyderabad.

  5. sherryshetty

    Hats off to the promoters of the Temple…
    What a beauty….so serene… felt i was in heaven…
    Fell in love with the Lord.

  6. Smrutirekha Sahoo

    Being an oriya married lady and from hyderabad, i am dying to see the temple. The day i left hyderabad and came to sweden, on the same day i came to know that, that was the inagural day of Sri Jagannath temple in hyderabad. i am so sad that i could not visit. I am so eager to go there and fulfill the desire of my eyes.

    Thanks a lot to those people who hv made this possible.

  7. gautam

    Hello Smrutisa,

    I am sorry you missed the ceremonies and haven’t seen the temple yet.. It really is very beautiful. My wife and I had decided that we would not miss the pratistha ceremonies for anything in the world. How many times in this life will we see the stapanna of a new temple to the Lord Jagannath? Maybe just this once. And I feel privillaged for being given this opportunity by the Lord.

    I hope you will visit Hyderabad soon and see the Lord and his new temple with your own eyes.

    – Gautam Satpathy

  8. chinmayee

    I just want to know where is this temple in hyderabad.Plz let me know as soon as possible i want to go there 2maro.

  9. Jagabandhu Mishra

    I am happy to visited the temple and enjoyed it. I hope its a good place who are leaving in HYD.I have a small suggestion too, please try to utilise the services of voluntary citizens who were staying in HYD just take a membership of your trust who are interested.


    I want to donate some amount to the temple.It should be kept as fixed deposit and prasad should be offered to the lord every year on a specific day mentioned by me from the accrued interest .Thus if the scheme is opened the prasad contributions will be coming and the trust will have no problem in managing it round the year.people can choose the data of birth,marriage anniversary day etc and they can also have prasad on that day.I suggest an amount of 5-10 thousan for the purpose.
    Pl.intimate me in whose favour I have to send the cq.the jagannath temple at hauz khaus ,newdelhi has also adopted this scheme and is successfully managing the prasad expenditures round the year.

  11. R.V.Anand

    It is a good temple.The photographs are fine.I will visit the temple during my next visit to Hyderabad.

  12. Manoj

    i am new to hyderabad and would like to visit this temple

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