Red FM Celebrates, nay, Lionizes Child Labour?

By | October 16, 2009

Some time ago I noticed a bill board on the Madhapur (Hyderabad) road for a local FM Radio Station, Red FM 93.5. I use that side of the road while returning home and it is normally dark at the time. One evening I was stuck in a traffic jam and had a few moments to look around. What I saw was surprising and a little upsetting.

Celebrate, nay, Lionize Child Labour

Red FM Celebrates, nay, Lionizes Child Labour?

Somebody at Red FM 93.5 or their advertizing agency thought this one up. A child labourer delivering “Chai” (Tea) and enjoying “Red FM 93.5”.

Opps! Child Labour! On a large, brightly lit billboard by the side of one of the busiest roads in Hyderabad!

What were they thinking?

We see such children all over the country but that does not mean that something like this is acceptable. It is in poor taste at best and horribly irresponsible at worst.

The advertisement stayed on that billboard for a few months and has now been replaced with another from a different company. But I did notice the same advertisement from Red FM 93.5 in other parts of the city. Did they run it in other cities too?

Not nice Red FM 93.5. At least think of your social responsibility before you do stupid things like this. You are a mass media company with thousands if not lakhs of followers. Such an thing does not flatter your image at all. On the contrary it demeans you.

I could not find a web site for Red FM 93.5. They have a Wikipedia page and a Facebook account but no web site. At least Google does not know about it. And I suppose that means it does not exist!

Get real guys…


I found a web site for Red FM. The link was on their Facebook account –