Gangtok, April 13, 2009 – Day 3 – Kolkata

By | October 31, 2009

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Falaknuma Express arrived on time at Howrah (Kolkata). My uncle’s driver, Mandal-da, was there to pick us up and we drove across the old Howrah bridge to Park Street where my uncle and aunt have a flat.

I had saved my previous two emailed posts as I was getting an intermittent signal in the train near Kharagpur, my old college. At my uncle’s flat. I tried connecting and received a rude shock. GPRS no longer worked! That is when I realized that what I had taken for dropped connections on the train was actually the loss of GPRS when I entered West Bengal.

I spent a frantic hour trying to figure out what was wrong. My aunt didn’t have a BSNL directory and I went looking for a PCO who might be able to at least give me the local BSNL Call Center number. I did get the number but I somehow kept getting the Karnataka call center instead of Bengal. Finally gave up in disgust and went for a shower morosely contemplating a week without internet access. Till we crossed back into Odissa again.

After my shower I found that GPRS service had been restored! Well, I am not complaining!

I am not sure what will happen when we cross over from West Bengal in to Sikkim tomorrow morning but I am keeping my fingers crossed. If that happens I will continue to post but they will appear in a rush when I get my connection back in Odissa.