SMS SPAM Manager

By | January 7, 2010

I receive a ton of SPAM via SMS. It reached a stage where I cringed whenever I heard the new message tone play. I had to clean up my SMS Inbox on daily, deleting anything between 10 to 20 SPAM message every day.

I finally decided to do something about it. A Google search threw up a couple of possibilities and I finally selected SMS SPAM Manager by Melon Mobile. I use a Sony Ericsson P1i running Symbian UIQ3.

Ah! Life is sweet again!

I use a “Black List” of keywords that are matched against incoming SMS and the offending message is captured by the SPAM Manager if it finds a match. There are other ways of filtering messages too. The software is capable of auto loading at phone start up and can be run as a system application. I can view the captured SPAM and “Restore” any message that I want to retain. The SPAM manager then pushes it to the regular SMS Inbox as an incoming message.

The SPAM Manager silently captures offending SMS and I am at peace at last 🙂