CAMS Web Site Woes

By | July 25, 2010

I tried accessing the CAMS web site ( today on my BlackBerry and got a rude surprise. Their web site is not at all mobile friendly! Even Opera Mini failed me today on this web site.

Don’t get me wrong – I am a big CAMS fan and regularly use their excellent mailback services to keep track of my offline mutual fund investments. They added Karvey as a data source some time ago and blew me away. I was very happy to get all my data in one place and stopped visiting Karvey’s web site.

However their web developers suck big time. Browser compatibility has always been an issue – I have to use Internet Explorer! It leaves me frightened every time I visit them. Their main supported browser is the worst browser available. Also their web site uses lot of frames, JavaScript and other 1990s web technology. Which shows that they need a new IT Group – people who know what they are doing and have a good understanding of web technologies.

CAMS is a classic example of a great business model with a flawed implementation. You will never get good ouput if you don’t have good people. And good people are not only hard to come by, they are also expensive.

Are they worth the price to CAMS?

The web site actually worked. I received the statements I wantd but the site did not seem to be working so I ended up with 7 copies of each statement in my mailbox! Opps…

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