Moved to MTNL from Airtel

By | August 7, 2010

I finally moved to MTNL completely. I was using an Airtel connection with BlackBerry services for the last 3 odd months. Wasn’t very happy with them for nature of their billing but was using it anyway.

Padmaja has now joined the SAIL Regional Office at Mumbai and she as MTNL here. So we now have a MTNL CUG for Padmaja, home & I.

My transition from Airtel wasn’t smooth. I had become too dependent on my BlackBerry 🙂 and the thought of being cutoff from the world (Ya. I know…) was not a pretty one. So I kept the Airtel number till I completed the migration to MTNL.

This migration was far from smooth. First I called 1503 and told them to activate the SIM and BlackBerry services. This happened quickly enough. I remember checking after about an hour and found the SIM activated. So far so good.

Then I pulled out the Airtel SIM and pushed in the MTNL one. Went online to to create a new user account and setup my email and got my first shock 🙂 The site kept refusing to accept my phone PIN & IMEI claiming that the device was not registered on the network and giving me instructions to follow. Well I did follow the instructions. Many times. And kept getting a “Registered” message back buty the web site would not budge!

After trying a few times I called 1503 again. The first person I spoke to didn’t have a clue so I called back. The second chap tried a few things and then took a complaint. Gave me the complaint number and the standard “it will take 12 to 24 hour” parting shot.

I put the Airtel SIM back in my BlackBerry and went home.

That was Friday. I gave MTNL the full 24 hours before checking the status of my SIM again. And it worked!

I was able to visit the web site, create a new user and setup my email accounts. Had a bit of a bother with the office email but finally got everything ticking along just fine.

I have sent a plan termination email to Airtel and will have to btrave their “BlackBerry Retention” team’s innumerable calls and offers to try and make me stick around.

They should have given me better service to start with rather than trying to retain me with offers of bill waivers and other such tactics. When I took my first Airtel SIM in April 2010 I asked for unlimited GPRS and was given the 2 Gb plan for Rs. 99/-. I still had my BSNL SIM from Hyderabad and I started using the Airtel number as my primary phone. I got a rude shock 2 weeks later when I started receiving SMS messages from Airtel saying that my outstanding bill was Rs. 986 and growing. I have never ever paid such a mobile bill. My Hyderabad BSNL number still does not cross Rs. 406/- per month even when I am on National Roaming and am using GPRS like there is no tomorrow. When BSNL says “unlimited” the service really is unlimited and does not have any strings attached.

So bye bye Airtel! Farewell and I hope we shall never meet again.

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