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The Shuttle in Spacedock

This was shot in the new Air and Space Museum on DC. Yes, not that old one that I used to think was cool when I was a kid. This is a new and improved center that is completely unbelievable. I had a small argument with a security guard that would not let me take my tripod. He said I needed a “blue card." I asked how to get that and he said the only person that could possibly give it to me was probably at home. There were a number of bureaucracies where I could have filed a series of complaints, but only if such complaints were filled out in a way as pre-approved by other bureaucracies.

But, I did have the Nikon D3S as a backup, and I fired this one off. It was a 4-exposure HDR from -2 to +1. ISO 400, 23mm, f/6.7 and 1/6 second shutter speed. The +2 exposure was too blurry, and I got most of the light I needed out of the +1 anyway.

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