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By | April 8, 2012

My wife and brother-in-law bought an iPad for my father-in-law, Sudhakar Padhi. I of course got the job of making sure it is all setup with the appropriate accessibility settings so that he can use it. He has low vision and used to read a lot before his eye sight started deteriorating. It is stable now but he has trouble reading anything less that font size 32.

Anyway, he has been using Rediff Mail – don’t ask me why! I created a new GMail account for him and configured it on the iPad. Then I went over to his Rediff Mail account to set it to auto forward all emails to his new GMail account. The “Forward your emails to another account” setting link did not work. Finally figured out the hack after some Googling…

Works only with RediffMail “Classic”…

Log into the RediffMail account in any browser. The URL will be something like this: Replace maillist with forwardyourmails?action=forwardmails&email=YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS&leavecopy=1


Thanks to good folks at “Wisetechie Blog : Ctrl your Tech Life” for the hack.

4 thoughts on “Rediff Mail – Forward to GMail

  1. Satish

    Great treat it worked for me too. It seems to stupid rediffmail persons do not want to let auto forwarding. But this trick quite fools them.

  2. juned ahmad

    thanks man its worked for me but in many attempts and not in classical but in rich format of rediffmail but after that its started working in classical form also …………….

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