Cyclone Phalin

By | October 11, 2013

Satelite photo of Cyclone Phailin:


The armed forced are on alert, the army having moved it’s Command Control to Bhubaneswar. Engineer columns from Bagdogra and Medical columns from Gopalpur are moving toward Bhubaneswar. Infantry relief columns are on standby.


East Coast Railway has plans to cancel approx 24 trains running between Visakhapatnam and Bhadrak on the Chennai – Kolkata route. The trains which will either be regulated and cancelled are:

  1. Puri-Cuttack-Puri passenger
  2. Paradeep-Cuttack passenger
  3. Cuttack-Paradeep passenger
  4. Puri-Gunupur-Puri passenger
  5. Puri-Rourkela passenger
  6. Puri-Cuttack passenger
  7. Bhadrak-Cuttack-Bhadrak passenger and
  8. Cuttack-Palasa-Cuttack passenger trains

The cyclone has very high damage potential, with a 3 meter storm surge and very high winds. Communication might break down, with cell phone towers damaged etc.

We hope that the state Government has it’s act together and we don’t see the appalling loss of life that the super cyclone in 1999 claimed.