This is the home of the Satpathy family. We are from the state of Odisha, on the east cost of India. We live in Mumbai, Maharastra on the west coast.

My name is Gautam Satpathy and I am married to Padmaja. We have two children – Durgesh Nandini, our daughter and first born and Jyotiraditya, our son.

This little web site was in the “planned” stage for about a year. I have “almost” put it together many  times. Well, now I am going to!

And what will you find here? Nothing of general interest. Stuff about my kids, their lives, their work, their joys & their hurts. You will find lots of pictures, videos and general family gossip here. This is where I will record Mamli & Bablu’s life for as long as I can. After that I hope one or both of them will continue and write about their children.

In the meantime I hope to convince our friends and families to contribute too. So you never know what you are going to find here! Parents gushing over their kids. Right. That will be there. Maybe lots more too…

Gautam Satpathy (alias Daddy)

May 26, 2015

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