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Bablu’s Sunday Breakfast

Today I enjoyed the very best breakfast I have ever had – prepared by my son, 12 year old Bablu. Yesterday night before I went to bed my 12 year old son, Jyotiraditya aka., Bablu, made me promise that after 7.30 am the next morning, I would stay away from the kitchen area. I wasn’t… Read More »

Returning to Vadodara with my Son

After a hectic 4 days in Mumbai – doctor visits, household stuff, bank related etc.. – I am returning to Vadodara and work. But this time Jyotiraditya – Bablu – is coming with me to spend a week before his school reopens next week.  We have planned each day. And I am declining all meetings… Read More »

Bablu’s Special Assembly on Anger, R. N. Podar School, Mumbai

Jyotiraditya, our 9 year old son, participated in a “Special Assembly” at his school today. The teachers and students of R. N. Podar school pick a topic, script it, practice and present the script in front of parents who are invited to attend. Today’s topic was “Anger”. Very nicely done, with great scripting and a… Read More »