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New (Old) Photos Uploaded to Mo Chitra

I have uploaded a bunch of old photographs from my father’s collection that I scanned during my visit to Bhubaneswar in the first week of May. Mo Chitra -> Satpathy -> Family -> 1980s ->  The Satpathy Family In The 1980s Mo Chitra -> Satpathy -> Family -> 1990s -> 1990 Mo Chitra -> Satpathy… Read More »

Gautam, Padmaja & Rohan – circa 1998 (After Marriage)

My latest project is scanning old photographs to upload to my photo site, Mo Chitra. I found the photo below in a stack at Bhubaneswar. It was taken by my father-in-law, Sudhakar Padhi in March 1998 near Rourkela. I am on the left of Padmaja, with Rohan, my brother-in-law, on her right. I just can’t… Read More »