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Searching from Chrome’s Omnibox

You can search other websites, such as YouTube, from Chrome’s omnibox. Chrome automatically saves a list of the search engines you come across while browsing. So, if you visit, Chrome will add the YouTube search engine to your list of search engines. And, from then on, you’ll be able to search YouTube directly from… Read More »

Order Food via Twitter! Faasos!

I, and my family, love Faasos! We love their wraps! They are delivered hot and are simply delicious! We discovered them by word of mouth – the mouth of my brother-in-law Rohan Padhi, who likes to keep it stuffed with choice food whenever and where ever he can find it. The problem is that he… Read More »

Rediff Mail – Forward to GMail

My wife and brother-in-law bought an iPad for my father-in-law, Sudhakar Padhi. I of course got the job of making sure it is all setup with the appropriate accessibility settings so that he can use it. He has low vision and used to read a lot before his eye sight started deteriorating. It is stable… Read More »

Windows Remote Desktop from Ubuntu has the perfect write up on how to use remote desktop to a Windows based computer from Ubuntu. I tried it from my Ubuntu 11.04 based laptop and it worked like a charm 🙂 I am now able to connect to my Amazon EC2 based servers from Ubuntu. One more reason to stay with… Read More »

Test of Publishing from my BlackBerry

Hello World! The traditional greeting of the geek trying out a new way of expressing themselves. I have found a BlackBerry app that supports WordPress. The app recognised my blog settings based on the URL and my login credentials, imported all settings including my existing categories. This is my first post from my BlackBerry using… Read More »