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Test of Publishing from my BlackBerry

Hello World! The traditional greeting of the geek trying out a new way of expressing themselves. I have found a BlackBerry app that supports WordPress. The app recognised my blog settings based on the URL and my login credentials, imported all settings including my existing categories. This is my first post from my BlackBerry using… Read More »

Lightbox 2 with Auto-Resize in WordPress

I finally found a solution to my WordPress woes with large images and my attempts to use Lightbox 2 by Lokesh Dhakar. Many thanks to Hannes Schmiderer for showing me the way and for sharing the code that he hacked together from other sources. Please check out his blog and the many interesting articles he… Read More »

BlogJet – Blogging Client

The two previous posts were made with BlogJet. I am trying to find the perfect blog client to manage this blog and have looked at three products so far. Zoundry Raven w.bloggar BlogJet So far BlogJet looks the most promising. I post a lot of images and good image management support, particularly auto generation of… Read More »

Zoundry Raven

I came across Zoundry Raven a couple of months ago but hadn’t had the time to download and use it. The web site looked promising and features listed were just what I was looking for. I downloaded the installer today and have just finished configuring it to blog to this blog. One of the features… Read More »