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Phailin – Why are the Indian Government figures still low?

Phailin has grown at one of the fastest rates every recorded, going from a tropical storm to a Category 4 cyclone in only 24 hours.  Yesterday, Friday Oct 11, 2013, it became the equivalent of a Category 5 cyclone with sustained wind speeds of 260 Kmph. This brings it at par with the super cyclone that hit… Read More »

Is Odisha ready for Phailin?

The Odisha state Government seems to be doing much better than in 1999 which left more than 10,000 dead across the coastal areas of the state and an estimated USD 4.5 Billion in damages. People from low lying areas are being evacuated. Essentials stockpiled in schools and other buildings on higher ground. The disaster recovery… Read More »

Rakhi, August 20, 2013

Rakhi! That time of year again when sisters tie a thread on their brother’s wrist, a sign of their affection and love, and of the bond that ties sisters and brothers together through life. These photos were taken on Rakhi (August 20, 2013) at our home in Juhu, Mumbai. In it our daughter, Mamli, prays… Read More »

iPerspective Team Monsoon Picnic – Lohagad, Aug 9, 2013

The iPerspective team went on a monsoon picnic to the fort of Lohagad, near Lonavala, in the Western Ghats. The picnic was planned out by the team well in advance and they did a fantastic job of getting everything ready. We had a mini bus which started in Borivelli, wound through JVLR, Mulund, Airoli, Belapur… Read More »

Bablu’s Special Assembly on Anger, R. N. Podar School, Mumbai

Jyotiraditya, our 9 year old son, participated in a “Special Assembly” at his school today. The teachers and students of R. N. Podar school pick a topic, script it, practice and present the script in front of parents who are invited to attend. Today’s topic was “Anger”. Very nicely done, with great scripting and a… Read More »