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Bhubaneswar in the Summer of ’09

April 21, 2009, Bhubaneswar We arrived in Bhubaneswar early yesterday morning by Howrah Puri Express from Kolkata. This was the shortest rail journey of our entire trip this summer and the only one on which we had a coupe to ourselves. All of us were thrilled with that and also lamented the the lack on… Read More »

Gangtok Trip – Day 4 – Gangtok!

April 14, Day 4, 2.30 pm: We arrived in Gangtok at 2.30 pm. Had a little trouble finding the Mintokling Guest House but our driver was up to the challenge. He stopped other cab drivers and got his directions. Mintokling Guest House turned out to be a very pretty house built on multiple levels with… Read More »

India Wimping

This piece was written by Ajit Dayal of EquityMaster. The original article can be found here. India Wimping 23rd February 2009 by Ajit Dayal Wimp: (noun) a weak, cowardly, or ineffectual person (Merriam Webster) We have had India Shining; Resurgent India; and India Incredible. And we were the “I” in the greatest growth story in… Read More »