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Birthday Gift For A Daughter Turning 10?

What do I give my daughter, my first born, on the day she turns 10? Double digits! I want it to be something special, something that she will use and remember. Not just another gizmo, toy or dress. Not something to use and discard. I want something of lasting value, something to delight her and… Read More »

Ma’s Birthday – May, 4, 2008

We celebrated my mother’s birthday on May 4th with a small cake. Eggless of course. Mamli & Bablu waiting for the “Birthday Party” to start… (Click for full size image) The cake! (Click for full size image) Ma cutting her cake to a chorus of “Happy Birthday to you…”. (Click for full size image) Eating… Read More »

Mamli’s 9th Birthday Party

Mamli turned 9 yesterday, March 8, 2008. I still have difficulty absorbing the fact that my little baby is growing up so fast. She had a small birthday party for her closest friends in our apartment in Hyderabad. She helped Padmaja make the cake and do the icing. Mamli’s Birthday cake (click picture for full… Read More »