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Shame: Middle class India duping domestic help of Rs 18,000 cr every yr

http://www.firstpost.com/blogs/-1156783.html Jay Mazoomdaar makes an interesting point but his assumptions or lack thereoff, create a few problems. First of all he clubs together some 300 million Indians into a single category called “middleclass” and does not mention or take into account financial disparities in this group, which includes people earning anything from a few tens… Read More »

ICICI’s PruTracker – Analyze Scheme Performance

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is one of India’s leading AMCs. They manage a lot of money (AUM) and are innovative in their product offerings. They also have a good track record of technology use. Their web site was one of the first to offer direct purchase of Mutual Fund units as well as portfolio tracking.… Read More »