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Sense Prevails – Hussain Award Canceled

The Bhoruka Charitable Trust, Rajasthan, India had arranged a ceremony to felicitate the anti-Hindu painter, M. F. Hussain. A number of Hindu organizations including the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, organized protest campaigns. I of course participated via an online signature campaign. Thankfully the Bhoruka Trust seems to have realized it’s folly and has issued a retraction… Read More »

Hussain’s Blasphemous Paintings of Hindu Deities

Judge for yourself. And if you want to shoot this brigand if he tries to set foot on Indian soil, get in line. Goddess Durga, naked Fatima, the daughter of the so called prophet. Fully clothed. Goddess Lakshmi. Naked. hussain’s mother. Fully clothed. Goddess Saraswati. Naked. Muslim Lady. Fully clothed. Shiva – Parvati. Naked. hussain’s… Read More »

NDTV Office Attacked For Including Hussain In Bharat Ratna Poll

NDTV reports that it’s offices at Ahmedabad was attached by Hindu Samrajya Sena in retaliation of NDTV’s SMS based Bharat Ratna poll which included Hussain, the infamous painter hussain. This is the best news I have read this day. Absolutely made my day! Way to go guys, whoever you are. Keep up the good work.… Read More »