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ICICIDirect – Mutual Fund SIPs – Improvements & New Features

I have used ICICIDirect for a long time and have watched with interest and appreciation their continuous efforts to innovate and improve the end user experience. Their platform was the first to offer many new features like SIPs in Mutual Funds. They did stumble with the implementation of various features. For example when they introduced… Read More »

More ICICIDirect Stupidities – Purchasing a Mutual Fund, Growth Option

I have had a long running love-hate relationship with ICICIDirect for half a decade now. More hate than love. Their platform is closely integrated with the ICICI Bank online banking platform and that makes things very convenient. Of course I haven’t looked at what others like Share Khan & Reliance Money are doing now in… Read More »

ICICIDirect Trying To Trick Retail Mutual Fund Investors, Again!

ICICIDirect is know for it’s shady practices. They are at it again with the SEBI ruling on Mutual Fund Entry Loads which comes in to effect today (August 1, 2009). I will show you how they are out to confuse people and how their entire approach is crafted to benefit the rich customers at the… Read More »

Bye Bye Entry Loads!

See the screen shot below for my most eagerly awaited Mutual Fund Account Statement Notice the NAV & the Price in INR columns. The last transaction dated 14/1/2008 is the sweetest. No Entry Load! I have already canceled most of my ICICIDirect SIPs. So far I have been able to take care of only a… Read More »

ICICIDirect’s New Message On Mutual Fund Purchase Page

The new direct sales no-load criteria for Mutual Funds in India came into effect on January 4, 2008. Under this investors are not charged an entry load if they purchase directly from the AMC. The operative word is “direct”. I have seen a lot of discussion on this issue on our internal mailing lists at… Read More »