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Gangtok Trip – Day 2 – Odissa

April 12, 2009, Day 2, 11.00 am, Odissa: We arrived in Bhubaneswar almost on time. My parents have come to the station with lunch and I am sure Odiya sweets. My mother only has sweet teeth, not just a sweet tooth! My mother-in-law was also there with upma, allu chop (another Odiya invention the marathis… Read More »

Ma’s Birthday – May, 4, 2008

We celebrated my mother’s birthday on May 4th with a small cake. Eggless of course. Mamli & Bablu waiting for the “Birthday Party” to start… (Click for full size image) The cake! (Click for full size image) Ma cutting her cake to a chorus of “Happy Birthday to you…”. (Click for full size image) Eating… Read More »