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Gangtok Trip – Day 2 – Odissa

April 12, 2009, Day 2, 11.00 am, Odissa: We arrived in Bhubaneswar almost on time. My parents have come to the station with lunch and I am sure Odiya sweets. My mother only has sweet teeth, not just a sweet tooth! My mother-in-law was also there with upma, allu chop (another Odiya invention the marathis… Read More »

Gangtok Visit – Day 1 (cont)

April 11, 2009, 9.15 pm: Settled down for the night. I managed to get hold of two berths in the coupe next to ours that Padmaja and Bablu were to take. Bablu wanted the upper berth because Mamli had one. And there we were trying to convince hiim that the lower ones were actually nicer.… Read More »