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ICICIDirect Trying To Trick Retail Mutual Fund Investors, Again!

ICICIDirect is know for it’s shady practices. They are at it again with the SEBI ruling on Mutual Fund Entry Loads which comes in to effect today (August 1, 2009). I will show you how they are out to confuse people and how their entire approach is crafted to benefit the rich customers at the… Read More »

SEBI & Mutual Funds – No load on Bonus and Reinvestment of Dividend

Starting April 1, 2008, Mutual Funds can no longer charge entry & exit loads for Bonus & Dividend Reinvestments. SEBI issued a new circular on March 18, 2008 to this effect. This move is based on recommendations from AMFI’s Working Group on Standardization of Key Operational Areas. This is a welcome move. Dividends and Bonus… Read More »