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Gangtok Trip – Day 4 – Gangtok!

April 14, Day 4, 2.30 pm: We arrived in Gangtok at 2.30 pm. Had a little trouble finding the Mintokling Guest House but our driver was up to the challenge. He stopped other cab drivers and got his directions. Mintokling Guest House turned out to be a very pretty house built on multiple levels with… Read More »

Gangtok Trip – Day 4 – Last Leg, Silliguri To Gangtok

April 14, Day 4, 10.30 am: We left Kolkata by Darjeeling Express, leaving Sealdah station at 10.05 pm. Did some shopping at Shree Leathers, Lindsay Street and the footpaths of Esplanade. The train was a hour late, arriving in New Jalpaiguri at 9.00 am. Mr. Chaudhari of the local LIC office picked us up and… Read More »

April 13, 2009, Day 3 – Kolkata

April 13, 2009, Day 3 – Kolkata: Falakunama Express arrived on time at Howrah. My uncle’s driver, Mandal-da, was there to pick us up and we drove actoss the old Howrah bridge to Park Street where my uncle and aunt have a flat. I had saved my previous two emailed posts as I was getting… Read More »

Gangtok Trip – Day 2 – On The Train to Kolkata

April 12, 2009, 5.30 am, Day 2: I suppose it is the uncomfortable berths but I always wake up very early in trains. The fact that most people are asleep and I can brush my teeth without cheerleaders also seems important somehow. Anyway, here I am, up nice and early, teeth as clean as they… Read More »