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Sorry for the Inconenience. The Convenience fee is Rs. 600

A long time ago, in the bad old days, a vacation would start with a long queue at the Railway Station’s booking office. Filling up of forms, dim, dank rooms full of sweaty people standing in queues and pushing their protruding bellies into the unfortunate in front. The counting of bodies in front to try… Read More »

Warren Buffett at the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting – May, 2009

It is said that in economics, there are no free lunches. And where better to apply that aphorism than the recent spending spree of the US government. Warren Buffett too has made numerous grim warnings that efforts such as the Treasury’s US$ 700 bn Troubled Asset Relief Program and the US$ 787 bn fiscal stimulus… Read More »

Gangtok Trip – Day 2 – On The Train to Kolkata

April 12, 2009, 5.30 am, Day 2: I suppose it is the uncomfortable berths but I always wake up very early in trains. The fact that most people are asleep and I can brush my teeth without cheerleaders also seems important somehow. Anyway, here I am, up nice and early, teeth as clean as they… Read More »

Sacred Space – The Dalai Lama

My father sent this to me… Sacred Space We have bigger houses, but smaller families, More conveniences, but less time, We have more knowledge, but less judgment, More experts, but more problems, More medicines, but less health. We have been all the way to the moon and back, But have trouble crossing the street to… Read More »